Why choose us?

Give us the job, the deadline, the budget. We deliver. Simple.

With our proven track record of delivering music, music for films and television, films, and other creative services over twenty five years to companies large and small, you can feel confident about Drink Me Productions.

Creating is our passion. Finding new sounds, new musics, new images, new stories ... working with you to bring your project to life.

Our artists are team players, always aware that when a team is firing on all cylinders the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

our clients

BBC, Lion Television, October Films, RDF Media, Juniper Television, Flashback TV, Café Productions, Energy-Cities, Renegade Pictures, BSB, Dangerous Films, Uden Associates, Paladin Pictures, Covenant of Mayors, Cheerleader Productions, BBC Natural History Unit, Regione Abruzzo, Anglia Television, European Commission, Felgate Productions, Yorkshire Television, Éditions Caramel, Faber Music ...

our environment

Minimising our carbon footprint matters to us at drink me. Our studio and office are powered by renewable energy - from the solar panels on the roof to the 100% renewable electricity from our energy supplier.

We are only here once, so approach everything like it matters, because it does, and live it to the full, while taking care to leave the world in as good a state as you found it. Christian Vassie, director, Drink Me Productions

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