The Badness of King George IV


drama documentary

1 x 90 mins

Flashback Television

The sound of self-indulgence

Profligate, self-indulgent, George was born in 1762. By the time he died in 1830, at the age of 67, people were queueing up to condemn and ridicule a life wasted.

The film and the score portrayed a dying, drug-addled King reliving key episodes of his life, haunted by the words of his critics. Period music is set out then distorted through the prism of George's self-pity and drug induced hazes. His heroic military fantasies are accompanied by gamelans rhythms, his days in bed by sugary musical box melodies. Unctuous waltzes swirl around him as indulges imaginary friends. It was great fun playing with the melodies and orchestrations of the period and blending them with contemporary soundscapes and eastern rhythms. A rich tapestry of sound and light.

cast: Oliver Ford Davies, Geoffrey Bateman, Robert Glenister, Frances Ward, Laura Macaulay

crew: producer: Ros Homan, director: Tim Kirby, editor Steve Scales, composer: Christian Vassie

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