Baka - people of the rainforest

baka - people of the rainforest



1 x 90 mins

DJA River Films

the voice of the forest

One of the first films Christian worked on, this BAFTA award winning documentary deserves all the attention it received.

Christian had recently completed his degree in African languages and world music, specialising in the musics of Africa, when this project presented itself. The musics of the rainforest pygmies was a subject close to his heart, having produced a musical about them and a work based on pygmy hocketing that was performed and recorded by the Yorkshire Classic Brass Ensemble. Working with Jennie Musket, Christian sang, played and perfomed all the African music and instruments (balafon, hocketing pipes, drums and percussion) in the score. The result complimented the original Baka music within the film and is a gentle homage to the fantastic and inspiring music of the Baka people.

Since those early days Christian has produced the music for a raft of scores that required a specialist knowledge of world music, including films set in India, Latin America, Africa, Australia, the West India , and the Middle East. He has laso produced various 'impressions of ...' collections of library music for Music House / EMI. The hugely successful 'Impressions of Africa', containing nearly 140 tracks of music reflecting a wide variety of musics and instruments from all over Africa, is even used by African film companies.

narrator: Phil Agland

crew: producer: Phil Agland, editor: Chris Lakeman Fraser, composers: Jennie Musket and Christian Vassie

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