12 x 30 mins


"X-files meets Scooby Do meets Doctor Who"

"It''s a cross between the X-Files, Scooby Do and Doctor Who - set in Bangladesh". That is how line producer Catharine Alen-Buckley described Bishaash when she asked Christian if he fancied working on it. It was a good description and the perfect challenge. 27 million weekly viewers and 24 episodes later, everyone involved knows that they created something special!

Film music is a universal language. That said, different cultures hear sound and music in a 1000 varied ways. One country's moody and mysterious is another nation's peaceful and serene. Christian's degree in ethnomusicology earned its keep, helping him to incorporate classical Indian ragas, and Bangla instruments and rhythms into the score for this exciting and entertaining series. Christian scored twelve of the twenty four episodes.

cast: Babu Md. Shaidul Islam Molla, Arabi Rahman, Rahmat Ali, Shama Rahman, Rubel Ahmed, Mirana Zaman, A.T.M. Shamsuzzaman

crew: producer: Mary Hare, directors: Waris Islam, Sameer Ahmed, Selim Gias Uddin, editor: Iqbal Kabir Joel, Donny Boocock, Georgis Bashar ... composer: Christian Vassie (12 episodes)

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