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A film score for the cusp of the 20th century

Clementine is a fantasist. Her young brother iritates her, her parents don't understand her, her school bores her she retreats into a fantasy world.

This BBC children's drama series, designed to teach generations of anglophone children to speak French, had everything. One week Clementine goes to heaven, the next she is on trial for her life, the secret service are kidnapping her father, she becomes an opera singer or forms a hugely successful rock band, or decides it is time to save the planet. The series was so successful that it was shown a dozen times over a nine year period in the UK, and licensed around the world.

cast: Clair Émilie, Framboise Gommendy, Bernard Malaterre, Daniel Pageon, Fily Keita

crew: executive producer: Len Brown, producer / director: Luis España, composer: Christian Vassie

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