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“Thanks for a truly wonderful score - memorable and varied it really holds the series together" Richard Bradley, Managing Director, Lion Television

Composer Christian Vassie's documentary and factual work covers a huge musical range because as well as having produced the music to over 50 productions, he has a degree in world music, a specialism that has proved invaluable to all sorts of directors and producers.

Different cultures, historical periods and countries ... Documentary series The Story of God sweeps across time and global cultures ... Paul Burrell - in his own words is set in the UK in the 1990s ... Wildlife on One - Hyrax is set in Zimbabwe ... Travels with an unfit mother in the U.S. ... and Barely Legal Drivers in contemporary Britain.

Q - Why employ a film composer when I can use library music?

A - Christian Vassie has composed hundreds of library music tracks and recognises their value and usefulness. That said, film soundtracks often need to flip seemlessly from one emotion to another after just a few seconds or even fractions of a second. A experienced composer can do this, adding emotional weight to your narrative with a flexibility that library music, however well produced, cannot deliver. And if you want your production to stand head and shoulders above the competition, why have a soundtrack that appears on other films?

If budget is your primary reason for turning to library music, give us a call! There are halfway houses to bring the best of both worlds to your production; for example, a mixture of library music and bespoke music that keeps the budget in control but gives you specially composed music for key scenes.

Wildlife on One - Hyrax

Wildlife film, 1 x 30

Client: BBC Natural History Unit

Composer: Christian Vassie

The Story of God

Documentary series, 3 x 60

Client: Dangerous Films

Composer: Christian Vassie

video clips of documentaries with music by Christian Vassie

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