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“Christian has been my first choice composer for many years. His music has been spot on for many quite different drama productions. He also delivers on time and on budget. I can highly recommend him.” Catharine Alen-Buckley, Line Producer: The People's Duchess / Peterloo Massacre / Bishaash

"I love the variety of challenges I am presented with," says composer Christian Vassie, who has produced the scores for dozens of productions though his company Drink Me Productions ... Operatic arias, world music, hiphop, bluegrass, orchestral scores, reggae, folk, soundsculpting ...

Different settings, historical periods and cultures ... action-adventure series Bishaash is set in contemporary Bangladesh ... the Medici-Godfathers of the Renaissance series in 14th and 15th century Florence ... Gentleman Thief on the cusp of the 20th century ... and The Great Plague among poor and abandoned Londoners in 1665.


Supernatural action-adventure drama, 12 x 30

Client: BBC Worldwide / Bangladesh Television

Composer: Christian Vassie

"Thanks Xian, its been truly inspirational !" Waris Islam, director, Bishaash

“The team thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working with Christian; his ability to communicate across the cultures and the musical range - and are looking forward to a chance to work with him in the future.” Mary Hare, Producer, Bishaash

The Great Plague

Drama documentary film, 90 min

Client: Juniper Television

Royal Television Society - Best History Award

Composer: Christian Vassie

“Plague is the film of which I am most proud” Samir Shah, Managing Director at Juniper Television

Other dramas with music composed by Christian Vassie

Thanks for a truly wonderful score - memorable and varied it really holds the series togetherRICHARD BRADLEY, Managing Director, Lion Television

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