We are looking to make the soundtracks to several films available very soon. Among the soundtrack albums that will be available are: Invitation to a Hanging, the Great Plague, Bishaash, and the Medici-Godfathers of the Renaissance series.

The "Impressions of ..." CDs and "Bad Blood" are available from EMI's library music department. You can contact them at www.emimusicpub.co.uk

Broadly speaking, no. Our interest is in making films that serve issues we care passionately about. However, if you have a subject you think might interest us, please feel free to contact us and let's see.

As you might expect, that depends on a huge number of variables. A film like the "Green Revolution" films shown on our website will cost between 9,000 and 15,000 euros. Each film is tailored to the specific requirements of the client. The costs relating to hiring local film crews / equipment in your country, travel and accomodation, and costs relating to interpreting / translating are among the variables.

The way we usually work is to provide you with a non-exclusive right to use the images, content, and soundtrack throughout the world, in all media, for the full period of copyright. Occasionally, we agree to passing on exclusive rights.

For the overwhelming majority of music tracks on this website, all the rights in the music and the recordings are vested in Christian Vassie / Drink Me Productions Ltd. There are a few tracks where copyright ownership was sold on to third parties, for example: Gentleman Thief, and the library CDs we have produced for Music House / EMI

We did. We worked from the great FatCatz template.

The copyright in still images taken from the many films we have produced music for belongs to the production company who produced the original film.

The copyright for most of the images and the design work we have produced, and the copyright in the films we have produced, belong to us. For further information regarding copyright please refer to our terms and conditions.

All rights are reserved.

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