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Helping cities promote action on climate change

Concepts such as climate change and global warming can be hard to relate to as we go about our everyday business. Our films help you communicate more effectively with residents, businesses and your own staff.

vulnerable earth

Every municipality has to plan for the future and invest to mitigate and adapt to a changing climate. You have local, national, and international carbon reduction targets to meet - targets that require you to engage your staff and the wider community, local residents and businesses.

To meet your carbon targets, you want to harness the goodwill, energy, and broad understanding of environmental issues that exists among community groups, local businesses and residents. We all need to know what to do and how to make a difference. The key is effective two-way communication that reaches people where they are and helps them to communicate with each other. Our films help you do just that.

A real understanding

Here at Drink Me we know how to help towns and cities across Europe engage with their citizens on climate change and energy issues. Along with 25 years in film and television, director Christian Vassie has been a city councillor and has run a city.

Christian Vassie has had 8 years experience as a city councillor in York, United Kingdom, including 2 years on the ruling executive, and six years as the city's Energy Champion. He has been responsible for initiating a series of successful environmental projects in his home city, including the ecoDepot initiative which created City of York council's first environmentally sustainable building in 2006. His 'smart meter library' initiative, which enables residents to borrow smart meters from their local libraries for free, has generated national media attention in the United Kingdom and has been copied by municipalities across the UK and in Europe.

Christian has been an active participant in the Imagine programme promoted by Energy-Cities. Combined with his work as a public speaker across Europe, all this experience gives him a unique take on and understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing cities and municipalities as they seek to drive change on environmental issues.


The 'green revolution' films

In 2011, working with the Covenant of Mayors, Drink Me Productions produced a series of 'green revolution' films in four corners of Europe.

A great success, the films have been shown in the European Parliament and are now being seen by thousands of viewers on YouTube, promoting both the cities and best practice.

Working closely with council officers in Poland, Germany, Sweden and Italy, Christian first indentified three or four key initiatives that each municipality would promote to their own staff, to residents and, through the Covenant of Mayors, to other cities across Europe and beyond.

Key to the films is an informal style and an emphasis on peer to peer communication. Residents are more likely to listen to each other on the benefits of, say, renewable energy, than they are to listen to experts or authority figures. There are plenty of citizens and businesses in every city who are acting to reduce their carbon emissions. Enlist them as ambassadors. Residents and other local stakeholders also have plenty of opinions as to what their municipality's environmental priorities should be and are happy to offer praise where they believe it is deserved. The finished films are used for staff training, and for promoting best practice locally and internationally via the web.


CoM cycle jerseys

Branding and identity

We can help you increase the visibility of your corporate branding by incorporating into our film in innovating and dynamic ways. For example, in our work as official artist for the Covenant of Mayors, we designed a set of cycle jerseys based on their corporate logo, to link a set of films. The link with cycling effortlessly conveyed energy, action and sustainability while promoting the organisation's corporate logo.

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