Working with you to produce a film for your city

Producing a four to five minute film to promote best practice in your city is a three stage process

  • Pre-production - what are we going to film, how will we film it?
  • Production - we visit your city and film
  • Post-production - editing the film, adding subtitles and music, formating for different end uses


What are your key achievements on environment, carbon reduction and renewable energy issues?

We work out with you how best to portray these initiatives visually and we plan locations, interviews, and an overall schedule. We discuss with you your target audiences.


We work with you to identify a local film crew and an interpreter, where necessary, to enable the director to conduct interviews and liaise with the crew. We agree on key council staff who will accompany the shoot, and we work with you to prepare interview release forms to allow you to use all the material we record and agree licences to allow you to use the music an the films to promote your city.


Over a three day period we film in your city.

Your presence while we are shooting is vital, and so is our experience of the issues surrounding reducing carbon emissions at a local level and our knowledge of how municipalities work. An added benefit to you of having two or three staff attend the shoot is that by assisting us they will also be receiving informal training as to how these films are made and how interviews are conducted.


For signatories to the Covenant of Mayors, we bring the cycle jerseys to provide branding to the film. Our ambition is to produce a finished film that helps motivate all stakeholders in your city by portraying best practice, by inspiring confidence, and by giving all interviewees the best environment to express themselves clearly, succinctly and positively. We will work with you to ensure that minority groups are not excluded so that the finished film properly represents the diversity of people in your municipality.


Working with English translations provided by you, where necessary, we edit the film and then add the music. If subtitles are required, either in your city's language to enable the films to be played mute, or in English or French or other languages for international versions, these are added once the film is complete.


The film is delivered either as a dvd or as a film file. We can format the finished film for viewing on the internet. If required, we can also create dvds with with artwork and sleeves for you to hand out at promotional events. Your finished film can be hosted on the Covent of Mayors' Youtube site, joining other examples of best practice across Europe. These films serve as an international resource for other municipalities, educational establishments, businesses, NGOs and general web users.

Congratulations on the well deserved success of the videos! Pedro Ballesteros, DG Energy and Transport, European Commission

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