our environmental films

Here are some of the environmental films that we have produced. Our clients include NGOs, municipalities and the European Commission. These films appear embedded in clients' websites, on Youtube, and are used extensively in conferences and for staff training.

Looking for different language versions? No problem. We have produced films in up to ten different language versions, subtitling or dubbing to your requirement. Our one stop shop enables you to order animation, infographics and film in one place; and we are happy to take care of interviewee release forms, music copyright licences and other clearances to enable you to make full use of the finished film.

Yes we can! - Europe's low carbon future

"When I'm president of Europe I will ..." Citizens in four countries answer the question of what needs to be done to protect the environment and the planet. Everyone's interested in environmental issues.

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Malmo - green energy revolution

Malmo, Sweden, is host to the largest green roof in Europe. Nearly half the city's buses are powered by biogas. Old housing estates are being transformed into exemplars of sustainability.

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Bahnstadt - Europe's low energy housing

How do you ensure that brown field sites in the heart of cities become exemplars of environmentally sustainable constructions? Bahnstadt in Heidelberg, Germany shows the way.

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Frankfurt - green energy revolution

Frankfurt has more homes built to passive house standard than any other European city. The Caritas programme trains long-term unemployed to become energy and water ambassadors to other low income households.

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Bielsko-Biala - green energy revolution

This Polish city's new outdoor pool has 1000 visitors a day. All the hot water comes from a solar hot water array. The city also has various renewbles and energy efficiency educational projects.

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Abruzzo - green energy revolution

Towns across the Abruzzo region of Italy have ambraced renewable energy not only as a way of cutting carbon emissions but also as a way of generating an income to fund a wide variety of community projects.
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towards sustainable transport

Two local authorities in France work together in create modern tram networks in their cities. Working together enables them to pool their expertise and save 36 million euros through a joint procurement order.

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Net-COM national clubs

This film shows cities across Europe the value of joining the Covenant of Mayors' national clubs; to pool know-how and resources, and to influence national and European policy making.

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Message to RIO+20

With this film 1000 European cities, all members of Energy Cities, sent their 30 practical proposals for the energy transition of cities to the RIO+20 climate conference in Brazil.
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