wildlife special - leopard



1 x 45 mins

BBC Natural History Unit

creatures of the night

Ground breaking documentary using revolutionary filming techniques to film the least known of all Africa's big cats at night. The film follows a scientist in Namibia as he works with the bushmen to unravel the leopard's secrets.

Combined with an amazing soundtrack, the tension and suspense of the night is revealed for the first time as the antelope try to survive the long hours of darkness stalked by these most extraordinary cats - BBC DVD cover notes.

The score is mainly percussive, making use of the large west african talking drum and jembe. The sound of the largest of the talking drums is used for contemplation. Its tone is soft and melodic, perfect for evoking predators stalking in the night.

narrator: David Attenborough

crew: producers: Amanda Barret, Owen Newman, composer: Christian Vassie

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