library music

We have produced three library music CDs for Music House / EMI

  • impressions of Africa
  • impressions of the Middle East
  • bad blood

You can hear all the tracks on these albums at EMI library music site

impressions of Africa

Drawing on his degree in ethnomusicology Christian has created a double album containing nearly 140 tracks of music that blend real African instruments with western scoring to give both an authentic sense of place and the varied emotional soundscape essential for film and television.

impressions of africa

Featured instruments include: kora harp, luo harp, talking drums, balafons, mbira dza vadzimu, trumpet, malimba and other thumb pianos, guitars, various flutes, and an dizzying variety of percussion. Performance styles include many folk traditions along with soukous, south african township jazz, high life, east African pop

hear and download tracks from EMI website

Impressions of the middle east

This collection of 41 tracks features zithers, flutes, and oud to create a vivid and varied emotional soundscape for film and television productions. Contains classical orchestration and contemporary beats.

impressions of middle east

For film and television producers working with world music can be tricky. It is easy to find music from around the world that gives a sense of place. Far trickier is finding music that not only tells you where you are but also gives you a sense of what to feel about where you are. That is what Christian's impressions library discs are all about.

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bad blood

Music for extreme action to dark menacing tension


This CD combines high octane contemporary drum beats with orchestration. The sound is so big that it has been used extensively on 'America's Most Wanted' and countless other productions. With tracks called 'the fix', 'urban insurrection', 'street fight', 'empty powerhouse', and 'festering chase', the album's intentions are clear.

hear and download tracks from EMI website

Thanks a million for working on Bishaash with us. Catharine Alen-Buckley, Line Producer Bishaash

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