Medici - godfathers of the renaissance

Christian Vassie composer of drama documentaries

drama documentary series

4 x 60 mins

Lion Television

suspense, conspiracy and arias

"As ever I sought to have the music do more than simply tell the viewer at what date the action is taking place," says Christian. "I love to bring the human voice to drama documentaries because the cast are almost always mute. On this series that ambition was realised by finding a fantastic soprano to sing operatic arias and a 30 voice choir."

As romance, murder, intrigue, religion and banking intermingle, the score employs a palette that blends orchestral music with the human voice, harp, mandolin, percussion, and lyrical piano melodies. Christian's biggest challenge lay in writing the Italian lyrics for the singers. One song used a lyric from a 13th century poem but the rest he wrote himself.

Music is at its most powerful when it engages directly with the emotions - the hundreds of emails praising the music for this series, from all around the planet, testify how well this score managed to do just that.

"Thanks for a truly wonderful score - memorable and varied it really holds the series together."" RICHARD BRADLEY, Managing Director, Lion TV

cast: James Innes Smith, Peter Guiness, Ben de Sausmarez, Frederico Stefanelli, narrator: Massimo Marinoni

crew: exec. producer: Richard Bradley, associate producer/writer: Sue Horth, producer/director: Justin Hardy, editors: Chares Davies, James Gold, Richard Cox, cinematographer: Malcolm Mclean, composer: Christian Vassie

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