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Providing our clients with a dizzying variety of original music for films, television programmes, contemporary dance, radio, and simply for music's sake, for over twenty years.

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Why do I need a living, breathing composer?

Library music is a great source of music in a hurry and when budgets are stretched. We have produced library music discs that used around the world.

But a film composer can convey the shifting emotions in your story far better. Plus you have music that is orginal to your film!

let me see and hear examples

avoiding the obvious

Why do Romans in films always fight to the music of Wagner? Is it a rule?

Great films and scores often challenge the conventions - they do the unexpected. That's what makes them memorable.

With his degree in world music and his live work as a musician, composer Christian Vassie brings a huge range of musical instruments and styles to his film and television composing. The award winning 'Great Plague', for example, may be set in the 17th century but the score which blends period music with bluegrass and contemporary sound sculpture gives the film an immediacy and emotional power that goes way beyond simply telling the viewer that everything happened long ago.

We love incorporating sound design into our musical scores. From the landmark use of an American police siren in the theme for Channel 4's 'American Football', to the use of nature sounds for the 'Birding with Bill Oddie' theme and the RTS award winning 'Invitation to a Hanging', we have integrated music and SFX into a seamless soundscape which serves the emotional subtext of the film.

xian & tabla

arias, ragas, reggae, RnB ...

Operatic arias, string quartets, and orchestral scores ...

Indian ragas, African harps, talking drums, Chinese erhu, Brazilian percussion, digeridoo, Pygmy hocketing ...

Rhythm and blues, soul, jazz, hiphop, folk, rock, ambient, trance, urban, sound sculpting ...

It's all music and we love it all.

Thanks for a truly wonderful score - memorable and varied it really holds the series together Richard Bradley, Managing Director, Lion TV

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