the Peterloo massacre

peterloo massacre

drama documentary

1 x 90 mins

RDF Media

a quiet voice

This film formed part of the Channel 4 Georgian Underworld season which included Invitation to a Hanging.

On August 16th 1819, tens of thousands of cotton spinners and their wives and children gathered in St. Peter's Fields in Manchester to listen to a radical orator called Henry Hunt who was preaching revolution and equality. With orders to arrest Hunt, a militia on horseback with sabres drawn charged into the crowd. Hundreds were wounded and 11 men, women and children died. This film recounts the events of an inquest held in an Oldham pub, using the transcripts of the original trial.

The score is largely solo piano and conveys the shock of those who have been brutalised and the way in which the forces of law and order quickly work to hide the truth.

cast: Rebecca Callard, Tim Cooper, Trevor Cooper, Sean McKenzie, Jonny Phillips

crew: producer: John Toba, director: Justin Hardy, editor: Michael Harrowes, cinematographer: Malcolm Mclean, composer: Christian Vassie

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