the story of god

story of god

documentary series

4 x 60 mins

Dangerous Films

coherence and a billion voices

An epic journey across the planet, exploring religious beliefs from their earliest incarnations, through the development of the world's major faiths, and on to the status of religious faith in a scientific age.

The challenge musically was how to create a score that gives a sense of place and time, and emotional meaning, without losing coherence. Christian's degree in world music and ethnomusicology helped hugely as instruments and musical style from cultures around the world were incorporated into the broader orchestral soundscape of the films.

"In the context of film, world music often struggles to convey more than a sense of place because the audience are not familiar with the subtleties and meanings of musics outside their own cultural experience," says Christian. "The challenge lies in taking real instrumental performances and grounding them in musical references that the audience is able to understand. I also endeavour to ensure that the score avoids clichéd generalisations. African music, for example, is not all drumming. There are harps, flutes, stringed and brass instruments. On a film about makind's spiritual quest it is vitally important to properly engage with this."

presenter: Robert Winston

crew: producers: Tim Kirby and Ros Homan, director: tim Kirby, editor: Steve Scales, composer: Christian Vassie

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