the tiger next door



1 x 60 mins

Survival Anglia

an intimate portrait

Filmed by local cameraman, Ashish Chandola, this film feels and looks intimate because it is. I was told that to get the close ups Ashish had to get up close because he did not have any long telephoto lenses at the time! The film tells the story of the familiar conflict between villagers and large predators, and explores how each can adapt to give space to the other, from the perspective of someone who actually lives there.

The score blends Indian drones, finger cymbals and tabla, with the delicate and mysterious tones of the santoor.

"I bought a santoor, a form of zither, specifically for this film," Christian explains. "Its brittle gentleness perfectly evokes shimmering dappled light. For the scenes in the film that were shot at dawn, I recorded the music at 5am to capture that state of mind when everything is fresh and as yet unwritten."

Christian also had fun creating the soundtrack for the monsoon, using instruments to capture the sound of fat drops falling on thick waxy leaves and dried earth - an escalating chaos of sound.

narrator: Art Malik

crew: producer: Petra Regent, director: Ashish Chandola, editor : Howard Marshall, composer: Christian Vassie

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