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You'd love to commission a composer to create a powerful and engaging soundtrack for your film but you're worried about the budget? Let's talk. Budgets vary hugely depending on what you want. We are here to help.

Specially composed music for television productions typically costs anything between £2,000 and £10,000 for a 60 minute drama or documentary. It can cost more, depending on what you want in terms of music and in terms of licensing rights. Do you want a 40 voice choir, a 30 piece orchestra, or jazz big band, or are you happy for the composer to produce the music with, say, just a couple of other musicians? Is your production a stand-alone film or a series? If it's a series then the cost per episode can be considerably cheaper. Do you want exclusive use of the music around the world for the rest of time or are you happy for an initial period of exclusivity after which the music can be used on other productions? We are very happy to talk; the better we understand what you want, the easier it is for us to quote.

Sometimes the budget simply isn't large enough to hire a composer to score the whole production, but there are ways of enhancing your production by composing music for key scenes that give you a high quality finished product without breaking the bank.

The most important thing is to start with a good conversation about what you are wanting from the soundtrack. Bespoke music is all about creating a unique and original soundtrack that adds real value to the story you are telling, and lifts your production above the others.


You want a short film to showcase your environmental action, but have no idea how to budget for it? We're happy to talk at no obligation to yourselves.

We've been producing music for films and television, films, and other services over twenty years for clients large and small, by listening to our clients and working with them.

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BBC, Lion Television, October Films, RDF Media, Juniper Television, Flashback TV, Café Productions, Energy-Cities, Renegade Pictures, BSB, Dangerous Films, Uden Associates, Paladin Pictures, Covenant of Mayors, Cheerleader Productions, BBC Natural History Unit, Regione Abruzzo, Anglia Television, European Commission, Felgate Productions, Yorkshire Television, Éditions Caramel, Faber Music ...

our environment

Minimising our carbon footprint matters to us at drink me. Our studio and office are powered by renewable energy - from the solar panels on the roof to the 100% renewable electricity from our energy supplier.

We are only here once, so approach everything like it matters, because it does, and live it to the full, while taking care to leave the world in as good a state as you found it. Christian Vassie, director, Drink Me Productions

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