public speaker/ performer / facilitator

Christian Vassie is an experienced public performer. Whether speaking or singing, as here with the Choir of Europe in the European Parliament in front of 1000 mayors and MEPs from across the EU, Christian is a communicator.

Chairing public meetings, addressing crowds or council chambers, business groups or housing associations, or international conferences in the UK and in cities across Europe, Christian is passionate and articulate communicator. He is bilingual in French and English.

For two years, 2007-2009, Christian held the Culture, Leisure and Social Inclusion portfoloio on the ruling executive of City of York Council. As such, he became very familiar with the challenges facing large organisations. Working with other politicians or with council officers, he became adept at making a raft of initiatives and projects happen.

Christian is also called upon to act as a facilitator at international conferences, helping people identify common objectives and create postive outcomes.

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