Christian addressing the York Literary Festival

Christian has written a number of fiction titles, including the Moon Pool Trilogy series, dark thriller Beneath the Bittercrest, and Making plans for Michael for injini press. He has produced non-fiction works for Caramel and Faber Music, and is a contributing author of The Green Book published by Biteback Press.

children's books

We have written children's books with an eco-twist for various publishers, including Caramel and injini press.

Too much of the environmental movement focusses of doom-laden diatribes. We believe environmental education needs to be engaging and fun. Stories like 'Three Little Pigs and the Straw Stick House', published in French and English, use an eco-twist on the classic fairytale to teach young children about sustainable construction. The 'Let's learn ...' series is a typical puzzle book which teaches children to identify colours, count, match shapes, draw ... and at the same time learn about the world they inhabit and the environmental challenges we all face.

award-winning blog

From the successful ecoDepot blog, which charter the construction of the largest timber-framed straw clad building in Europe, to the many articles and presentations has made during and since his career in politics, Christian has been writing for many years. In his current role as Editor of Challenge magazine he is also at home working with other writers to ensure that their work shines.

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